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  1. What I didn't think about was the fact that this can't work due to the fact that disc copying isn't implemented yet. Well, guess we'll have to wait then...
  2. I just donated as well. 5,-$ for starters, now let's see if the program development justifies more in the future. Please let me access the beta forum? Keep it up and I will too! By the way, I have another email address here than with PayPal (I just noticed that this probably wasn't the day's best idea but well, it's too late now). Flo, I'll send you a PM that should identify me sufficiently.
  3. Is it limited to ISOs or to copying DVDs with more than 4.2GB as well? If it's only ISOs (i.e. single files >4.2GB) this could be worked-around by mounting the ISO to a virtual drive (e.g. with Daemon Tools) and making an on the fly copy from there. I'll try this if by any chance I can get CDBXP to work with my DVD+RWs, but I'm not willing to coasterize yet another medium, it's starting to get too expensive for me. *grumbles* So if anyone else wants to give this a try, please report back in ASAP to let us know if this works!
  4. Tried burning debian (sarge) DVD ISO with CDBurnerXP Pro, didn't work either. Did a screenshot of the results. Look at the timestamps! The ISO is, according to Windows, "4,36 GB (4.684.480.512 Bytes)" in size. I MD5SUMed it, the ISO is fine. I downloaded the ISO's contents with jigdo which afterwards (actually in the process) assembled the ISO from them. Anything on this from the authors?
  5. when will that next version be ready? however precise you want to be...
  6. Hi... I've been trying to burn the newest debian-ISO to a previously used DVD+RW medium. I erased it with CDBXP, but when I try to write the ISO image, I'll only get an error message: I'm using CDBXP Pro 3.0.166 on Windows XP SP2 with an LG GSA-4040B. Even Windows XP itself recognizes the medium as being empty. What can I do about this? CDBXP looks really promising, but that's kind of a killer bug... NetSoerfer
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