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Audio DVDs?

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Not that I want too much from a *free* program, mind! With DVD blanks at such low prices and hardware a lot more common, has anyone thought about an Audio DVD (as opposed to DVD-A) authoring feature for CDXP? That would make it quite unique, as there aren't many programs which can do this at the moment. Or is this just too tricky?

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Standalone DVD players do not play .wav files recorded to DVD discs, like they do regular CDs. There needs to be a picture present, like a menu still (and the audio must be 48.khz - or maybe 96 or higher). There are a couple of programs which can encode. mp3s and .wavs and present a set of .vob files for writing to DVD. Once written, the discs are playable on any standalone DVD player. The benefits are excellent - around 6 CDs' worth of audio are stored on a compatible DVD at full quality. It's great for creating anthologies and discographies, or simply long compliations.

There is a manual process, but it is painstakingly slow and a bit tricky. As yet, there are no programs which intergrate this feature along with other advanced CD/DVD buring features - the audio DVD programs are dedicated to this job alone. Audio DVD Creator is one of them.


This is the long way around.


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