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Descriptor location and tag location field disagree

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Guest LaggedOnUser


In the current version of CDBurnerXP, we have started getting errors while burning our CD masters. The last two CDs have had the same exact error, and aside from upgrading CDBurnerXP, nothing else has changed. Prior to November 2010, we were not getting these errors, although using the same exact computer, CD burner, setup, and previous versions of CDBurnerXP to create those masters. Possibly some error has been introduced into the latest versions of CDBurnerXP?

The type of CD is a software CD burned using simple Disc at Once settings, with buffer protection, and Mode 1. The file system is ISO 9660 / Joliet / UDF with ISO Level 2, and Allows file names up to 103 characters is checked in options.

Here is the error provided by EclipseSuite:

"Descriptor location and tag field disagree.

A Descriptor's tag location does not agree with the actual location where the Descriptor was found.


The UDF file system does not have a table that specifies where all descriptors should be found. Instead, the UDF file system includes Anchor Points that specify the address where a series of descriptors can be found, describing the UDF file system. Operating systems will go to the address specified by the Anchor Point(s) and begin reading sectors to locate all the descriptors that define the UDF file system. The descriptors are normally recorded in sequential sectors.

Each descriptor includes a Tag location field that stores the logical sector address where it is recorded. Although this address is redundant, it is something that is required by the file system specifications. In DVD-Video, the address in the Tag Location is often incorrect does not appear to cause any playability problems.

Additional Info

Since this error can occur with various descriptor types, the EclipseSuite programs will display one of the following messages in the Additional Info column of the Analysis identifying the descriptor in question.

ECMA167: Location: [x], Tag location field: [y]

A Descriptor tag is a data structure at the beginning of every descriptor. It is a field that identifies the number of the logical sector containing the first byte of the descriptor.

This message indicates that the actual logical sector address (x) is different from the location given by the Tag Location field in the Descriptor tag (y).

Reference: ECMA 167 3/27.2, BD-ROM U00-047, U00-123

Note: This is a common problem when using the authoring application "Sony DVD Architect". So far, there has been no playability problems reported. Because of this, most customers choose to ignore this condition.


Cause: This error is caused by the authoring system that created the image."

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Please verify if that is a problem with recent versions of CDBurnerXP. It is rather unlikelty though, since nothing relevant has changed recently.

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