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OK here it is:

I had a friend help me get my PC back up and he put in a CD with his PID#.

OK so i called Microsoft and told them that I do have a valid CD put there is a scratch on it which they did nothing but shift me around to 4 or 5 individuals still as of this day no answer to obtaining a new CD,But I still have his pid with no win Updates.

My D drive and E drive both do not recognize my Cd's?

I have a lot of info that i would like to have off my PC. This same friend tells me that I can still download updates but I can not. for when i go to Update it states that I do not have a Win Valid Cd. I have a Blocked Vlk( I believe) I will look up to give exact information. I am at wits end trying to figure this out.

I get error messages when I try to run the HighJackThis Program.

Running CCleaner also an error: States that it can not delete Spy Sweeper.

I have ran HDTune which is a program that tells you what hardware you need to update, firmware and such. will Again confirm all the information that seems vague. Just trying to get some kind of idea as to what I am working with. Please forgive the just expressing my problems please 4 right now. Thank You.

When I ran the Hd Tune: I get the firmware that i can (download)? to bring up to date. But I do not know how to do it. So again my Friend says that he has a DVD,Cd/r,Cd/rw and all that which I can install and it will allow me to Get all the stuff of PC.

I also know that Walmart sells a usb plug as to where you can just stick in the back of a CPU and send to that. (tried it and it does work). But that would take forever to transfer onto my son's PC (win98).

I have win xp pro. but I don't know what exactly he has installed. The only problem I get from PC Pit stop is that I need to do something to C Drive (again~will obtain)

I would like to know from U guys what do u think would be the Best/Cheapest way (Single parent) school starting. but I would like to get my enjoyment up and running right along with school clothes for child.

Do I really need to spend a lot to get this PC to Burn or at least copy the info from PC onto CD discs?

If u tell me what u want me to do to get an answer this morning for I have to see go school shopping soon but if I can get an solution to as where I can handle both I would really appreciate it

Very Much

God Bless All Of You

4 your help and suggestions.

Please respond as to where I would adhere to what information is given..

As soon as there is a response I would get the information right back to you ASAP.

Please help me with this.

Not as knowledgeable as some regarding PC. But I do know this one Very well and can get around very well.

Thank you all

Eagerly awaiting your response.

Yes my post is Trying to Burn a Cd.

If that can be done w/out going into the other matters that will work to.

I just need to get some of this Crap of PC. Thank you for reading

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