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Every(!) Audio-CD is burned with skips...HELP!

Guest HP from Cologne

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Guest HP from Cologne

Hello, I have a P4 with Intel Core2 CPU 6700, 2,66GHz, 4GB RAM, Vista Ultimate 32b, and a burner from LG, model GSA H42L.

To burn CDs and DVDs I prefer CDBurnerXP now since summer 2007. My problem: When I burn Audio-CDs, the burning-process works fine, but when I check the burned CDs, they ALL(!) have skips (missing several seconds of music) on the first track at exactly time point "0:26" to "0:27" and also later on at some more points in later tracks ! Meanwhile I am going crazy: for example I tested to burn an Audio-CD with "DeepBurner" = it worked fine, NO(!) skips on Track 1 at time point "0:26" to "0:27", BUT=> DeepBurner produces always 3 second-extra-gaps between all tracks! I also tried out several other burning-softwares, but most of them had some little "bugs". I also tried out a lot of different CDR-Brands: CDBurnerXP4 burned ALL these CDRs with skips in the musictracks ! In my opinion CDBurnerXP is still the best and most comfortable free burning software, but at the moment it is nearly USELESS for me, because I am not able to burn an Audio-CD without these skips in the tracks. I had to threw away about 12-15 CDRs because of these sh... skips ! I don't want to "go back" to NERO8 or WinOnCD10...these are Monsters with tons of useless trash-software.

My last hope may be the new release(?).....

Is anyone able to help me along with my "skip"-problem ?? Would be great to hear from you. Greetings from Cologne/Germany :-)

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I have the exact same problem with audio CDs. CD skips at track #1, 27 seconds into the song. After that, there may be some occasional random skips throughout the disc.

I am using a Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop with an HL-DT-ST GSA-T21N DVDRW drive running Windows Vista 32-bit SP1, CDBurnerXP version I am trying to burn 256kbs MP3 files that I purchased from Amazon.com, using the Disc-at-Once method (gapless) at the default 24X speed.

A frustrating bug in an otherwise excellent program...

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Guest HP from Cologne

@ => "karlito72" I just want to let you know, that I found an acceptable way to solve our problem !!

=> Install the newest version of CDBurnerXP...

=> select "create Audio CD"...

=> put all your soundfiles into the image as usual...

=> after clicking the "BURN"-button a new flyout-window openes("how do you want to burn this disc?")...

=> you choose the option "let me choose advanced settings"...

=> in the next window("Burn Audio CD/ folder "Burn options") you should click/check the following points :

=> "Disc at once (for gapless playback) +

=> "Cache files locally"(THIS OPTION SOLVES OUR PROBLEM!!!)

=> "Use buffer protection"

=> "Finalize disc"

That`s it ! The most important option is to check the "Cache files locally"-option ! So on the one side you loose about 1 minute of time at the whole burning-process, because the files must be converted at first to a temp. cache, BUT at the end you will get a PERFECT Audio-CD WITHOUT any skips in the tracks ! ! ! I hope, this may be helpfull to you....please let me know ;-))

H.P. from Cologne

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