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copy cd/dvd button and behaviour

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hi, i just wanted to copy a cd inside nero, but behaviour is so dumb, that i closed it and wanted to copy the cd with CDBurnerXP.

but i didnt find a button for that :-) after reading this: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=4975&p=17821&hilit=copy+cd#p17821

i knew that you dont support that until now. ok, sad but true, but what to do :-) starting nero again :=)

but what i wanted you to tell was, not to trap in the same lame behaviour like nero, which does this:

i inserted a oversized burned disc (760MB) to copy and pressed copy.

nero copied the image (i have only one cd-burning-device) to the disk and after that, it wanted the destination cd.

i inserted a normal (650MB) disk, because i forgot about the size of the source cd.

nero then told me, that the disk is to small and if i wanted to overburn it.

no, i dont wanted, because i know, the cd is to small to overburn, so i ejected it and inserted a bigger cd (800mb)

but nero did not accecpt the disk, because the window had no reread-button to read ne new inserted cd.

so the only thing i could do was cancel the operation an started the copy process again :-(

so please, if you anywhen have a copyCD/DVD feature, let the user the option to eject a cd and reread the size, without having him to read the whole cd again...

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