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Boot CD can't see folder structure or any files?

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I needed to create a bootable ISO image, and I didn't particularly want to waste an actual CD (our servers will boot off of the image), so I downloaded CDBurnerXP today. I happened to have all the files I needed on a floppy disk, and I created a bootable image from that disk. Booting off of this worked fine.

But, I'm trying to create a new compilation with more data than just what's on the floppy. The only thing that shows up are the files & directories that were on the floppy; the rest of my compilation is not there. I tried several of the options when creating a floppy image, and it's always the same. Am I doing something wrong?

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I am having a similar problem with a compilation. I can create a boot CD by selecting my floppy boot image in the Boot Options window and then dragging the boot image files (minimum Win98 system files) from a work folder to the compilation. I can then burn the disk and boot to it. However, when creating the compilation if I add any folders (i.e. Ghost, DOS) to the compilation and burn it, the CD is not bootable. I'm not sure what it going on here.

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Can someone respond to my post. I have searched this forum for my particular problem and have not found it. I think my problem may be procedural (i.e. user error) but i would at least like to know.

My steps to create a boot disc are as follows:

- Launch CDBurnerXP app

- Select Data disc and click OK

- Click Disc menu and select Boot Options

- Check Make disc bootable

- Select the path to the boot image (Win98 floppy image)

- Select Emulation type: Floppy 1.44 MB (95/98/ME boot images)

- Use defaults for remaining settings

- Click OK to close Boot Options

- Click Disc menu and select File System

- Make sure the file system is set to ISO 9660/Juliet

- In User Data browse to the folder where the files have been extracted from the boot image

Note: these are the minimum Win98SE boot image files (i.e. command.com, io.sys, msdos.sys, himem.sys, config.sys, autoexec.bat, mscdex.exe, oakcdrom.sys)

- Drag the boot image files to the compilation

- Insert a re-writeable DVD disc into the DVDROM

- Click Erase and verify the DVD disc is erased

- Click Burn

- Test that the disc is bootable

Result - The DVD is bootable (the disc is read and the system boots to A:). My config.sys and autoexec.bat files configure the CD/DVD ROM to be drive F:. Looking at this drive I see it contains the same files as A:

If I repeat the exact same steps EXCEPT that I also drag folders containing apps (Ghost for example) the resulting burned CD is not bootable.

What am I doing wrong?

It is my understanding that MSCDEX redirector makes the CD/DVD ROM appear (to DOS or Windows) the same as a network drive. So it doesn't matter how many files/folders are on the drive.

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As far as I know, in such a case it is only possible to access files included in the boot image itself. I'm not an export on boot discs though.

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