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  1. Lightscribe would be a lot of work to incorporate this feature. I am using the free version of SureThing CD Labeler and both the lightscribe driver and software take a lot of resources from my system. Not only that, but lightscribe conflicts with software programs such as norton products and so on. More info on the web. If this was successfully incorporated into CDBurner XP Pro I would suggest a stand alone version with lightscribe support that would be shareware. I would pay for it if it worked. Thanks!
  2. Hello, I made a donation via PayPal. I am wondering how I can download the beta version. I also posted this question in the general question forum also. I am curious if the beta version supports Vista? Thanks, Petlydecker
  3. Hello, I made a donation via PayPal. I am wondering if I will be able to download the beta version? Thank you, Petlydecker
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