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Multiple location for same file.

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afaik it is possible to have multiple references to one data-part that is on the CD. So, when you have multiple, almost same directories where only a few, small files are changed, you can have multiple references to the same files (either from the local session or from sessions before in multisession), which will safe a lot of space. In my example I have three types of installations of a program, where the type of installation is chosen by some settings-files in the installation directory. As all these Installations have a size of 600 MB and only 10 MB of data has to be changed for another type of installation, with this feature a normal CD with 650 MB would be enough, but without a DVD with 1.8 GB data must be used.

Another thing would be, to be able to recover files from multisession, sessions before, which has been "deleted" and/or to move files from one directory to another.



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