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Guest tonyfromplymstock

I am new to cd burning and have spent two days trying about six different freeware programmes (I am not mean - just poor) and found five of them far too complicated and few had a case cover printing facility. I was about to give up and then fortunately I found CDBurnerXP - it is fantastic! The ability to select all 21 files in a classical work and load them in one go is not possible on some of the other programmes I tried and the clear indication of the burn process and timings are very useful.

Congratulations on a brilliant product.


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simple d'utilisation,performant et surtout gratuit : que vouloir d'autre

j'utilisais divers autres logiciels payants qui sont moins bons et efficaces que CDBurnerXP

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Guest Kenaso


The top of your web site says this is version 4.2.1 and your release comments say 4.1.2.xxxx. Minor oversite I guess.

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Guest Nick

Again it calculates audio tracks length wrong and thus doesn't allow me to burn audioCD. I'm tired of downgrading to old versions when this bug appears after update... Can send you screenshot if it helps.

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Guest clayt

Really suprised at all the problems out there.

I've been using the software for a while and it's always been perfect! Probably my favourite bit of freeware (along with launchy and a couple of other things).

Thanks for all your hard work flo

Cheers from Australia!

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Guest O.B. Dan

Maybe I'm missing something or only seeing what I want to see, but it seems most of the complaints about CDBurnerXP are related to DVDs, not CDs. Is that so? I have no desire to burn DVDs, I have a separate unit for that. I just want to burn CDs. What I'm looking to hear is how CD burning is going for you, is this truly a no-gap or is there that miniscule spot when tracks change, does it work well with Windows XP or any other particular programs, what sources (CD rip, streaming, and so forth) work well...things of that nature.

Also very important is whether or not the computer freezes while burning CDs, and will CDBurnerXP put together a downloadable mp3 package for SanDisk or any other mp3 player.

I haven't downloaded CDBurnerXP yet, because I'm not reading about bugs or performances that apply to what I want to do. And I don't claim to be the most computer-savvy user out there, either. Please keep that in mind when reading this post or replying.


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