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Galician Translation

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Hi there! As I see that it's not translated to Galician yet I'll do it. I'm used to translate software to both Galician and Spanish so it won't be any problem. I'll start right now!

I've got just one question: Where did you get the language list from? The one I'll do is "Galego - gl". "galego (galego) - gl-ES" does not exist, these are two references in the list to the same language (called Galician in English). The correct one is "Galego - gl".

Regards and congratulations for such a good piece of software!

EDIT: This' kinda strange... The translated file should be UTF-8 coded right? The file people can download ("Strings.resx") is ANSI coded... Or at least that's what the editor I use says (Notepad++). I'll convert it to UTF-8 and work over it. Tell me if I should not do this.

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You can do "gl" or "gl-ES", I fear that others would not work with the .NET Framework. The list has been extracted out of it so to speak.

And yes, it should be UTF-8. The file you downloaded is probably UTF-8 as well , just that your editor didn't get it right. Feel free to send me your file when done, I'll give you further instructions then.

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BTW, the "ES" in "gl-ES" only refers to the location. For example there also is de-DE (German as spoken in Germany) and de-AT (German as spoken in Austria). I wouldn't say that gl-ES doesn't exist ;)

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I've made a complete galician translation, uploaded at upload page http://www.cdburnerxp.se/downloads/lang ... gs.gl.resx

I'm new as translator, so I'm not sure if the correct folder for that file is /gl or /gl-ES (in the language option menu my translation is galego (galego)).

Any mistake please notice me.


GALEGO (Galician):

Fixen unha traducción completa en galego, subida na páxina http://www.cdburnerxp.se/downloads/lang ... gs.gl.resx

Son novo como traductor, polo que non estou seguro de se o cartafol correcto para o arquivo de traducción é /gl ou /gl-ES (no menú de selección de idioma a miña traducción amósase como galego (galego)).

Posibles erros por favor avisádeme.

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