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Import session (minor?) problems

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Hi there,

I'm a new user and have the version.

I began trying to add a file to a DVD+RW that had already some three previous sessions, written with Nero 7.

Well it seems that it only recognizes it as having one session, the last one. Up to know that's OK, for with this type of DVD it makes no sense to restart an earlier session.

But the free space was overestimated. The DVD was actually about 3Gb full but showed only circa 1.3Gb used. The file I added was written OK for it was small, but I worry if the files added were larger than the free space there would be an error while writing. I did not make this experience :) .

Greetings from Rio,


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Am using version

Have the exact same problem, except the 2 sessions already on the DVD+RW were burned with nero 9

Used space is 3.17GB but it is showing up as 214MB

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