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Jan Holtman

Slow with extreme high cpu load light flashes on and off.

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I get extreme high CPU load and the light of the DVD writer flashes on and off.

Also it takes a long time to write and verify a DVD

Writer: ND-3540 single layer DVD (-R +R and -RW types)

Windows XP professional SP3

3.0 GHz P4 processor on 875 chipset Motherboard Gigabyte make.

Frame work 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5 loaded.

To burn a DVD (4.7) GB takes about 25 minutes, verification takes an additional 20 minutes.

Nero 8 takes about 12 minutes to burn the same dvd and about 7 minutes to verify, so the hardware can be excluded.

Also the CPU load on Nero is low less than 5% so hardware problems can be excluded.

The light of the DVD writer is constantly on with Nero 8

Eventually after 48 minutes the DVD is written and verified.

On Nero 8 it takes only 19 minutes.

Nero shows the verification speed but CD Burner XP doesn't show the verification speed.

Is it possible to write movie DVD's from and MPEG2 file?

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