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Cannot continue with the burning process

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sorry to sound so ignorant, but WHERE would I SELECT a burning device?

is this some button to click? if so, where would it be?

or how would I INSTALL a burning device?

perhaps I should also ask, what do you mean by a "burning device"?

is this a separate program? If so, what is it called and where wouldI locate it, please?

Is it part of your program?

If so, how to "install"?


PS I have done a websearch on "burning device" and your program keeps coming up!

so I am puzzled.... so if this is a "burning device" then apparently I also need some other "burning device"?

Should I be seeking DVD burning device? CD burning device? Or what? (is there a difference)?

I just am stumped here what to do and don't want to just download stuff that duplicates what your good program already does.

Or, do I need some entirely different program?

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sorry to sound so ignorant, but WHERE would I SELECT a burning device?

Basically, CDBurnerXP will automatically select a device if one is available.

or how would I INSTALL a burning device?

A device is, as the name implies, something "physical" and not something you can download or copy. You'll have to buy such a device, open your PC, connect a couple cables and then it is installed.

Should I be seeking DVD burning device? CD burning device? Or what? (is there a difference)?

Well, as the name implies (again) a DVD burning device is capable of burning DVDs (and usually CDs as well), while a CD burning device can only burn CDs. However, nowadays it's not worth buying a CD only device, since DVD devices are cheap enough.

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OK, I have a drawer that is a CD burner and player on my computrer. This is "hardware," which I believe you are telling me?

I also have a drawer that is a DVD player (not recorder).

These came with the computer and are already installed.

By way of further explanation, I had noticed that my hard-drive was getting filled,

so I went in and removed several programs that I thought I did not need.

I recall now that one was a small program (I forget its name) which said "burner".

I deleted it because I figured that your program was a burner and I did not need two.

Should I do a restore, possibly, to restore what I deleted? (If that is possible)

Or should I do something else?

I do want to be able to record data from my machine onto a CD, please.

Very important for me.


PS: By way of recap:

1. I downloaded and installed your program.... no errors.

2. Rebooted my computer (WIndows XP, latest version)

3. I placed a CD in my CD-drive.

4. I clicked several files on the right side of your program and then the ADD button.

5. The files I added appeared in the botton half.

6. I then clicked BURN.

7. A window popped up asking if I wished to add files later and I clicked yes.

8. Then, a window popped up which said: "Cannot continue the burning process, because you did not select a burning device."

So that's where I am stalled now. Maybe it is something very simple, but I have no clue what to do now.

I have scrolled through all of the buttons, directories and FAQ seeking something that says "select burning device" and

I have not seen anything. If I am missing this, please tell me what to do?

Your instrustions above stated:

Basically, CDBurnerXP will automatically select a device if one is available.

So, I have the CD burner (hardware) installed... so should it be recognized automatically? Or, am I missing something that I need to do?

Or do I need to reinstall? Could it be that my CD drive has failed? If so, how would I know and what should I do? I get no errors on boot-up, by the way.

Sorry, again, for sounding so dense.

PS I went up and clicked on DEVICE INFORMATION and a box popped up which said:

Current selected device:

No compatible drives. And the select box is greyed out.

Could this info be helpful? If so, what now? Thanks.

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One problem could be that you are not logged in with an administrator account. Which OS are you using anyway?

Typically, if your devices are installed correctly, you should see two symbols as in the attached picture if you leave the DVD playing device empty and insert a CD-R disc into the CD burning device.

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Actually, I am logged in as admin. In fact, I am the only one using the computer and no

one else ever has used it, in any way.

I use the Windows XP operating system.

OK, meanwhile, here is what I did.

I did a complete system-restore (back to four days ago). And, happy to report,

the previous version of your program, which I had been previously using,

came back up and it worked, thankfully. No recognition of disc problems

or anything else.

So, I am inclined to just use the older version, now. Or, should I try to

install the new one, again?

Problem was that when I did a system-restore, I had to reinstall several programs

and it is taking me hours upon hours to do all of that remedial stuff.

Could there be some incompatibility problem with the newer version? If so, how

would I determine that? Or, should I just wait for the next version? Might be best.

Thanks for your patience and advice!

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Well, it could of course be that your drive is not supported anymore because there has been a change of burning engines on our side. Maybe you could try reinstalling the latest version, however, making sure that it is not installed to the same directory.

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Thanks... but, before I do so, let me mention that this

is a Dell computer, date 2001. So, would the age make a difference? If so,

maybe I should not proceed?

Also, when I installed previously, I simply clicked on install and did not change any

of the defaults. When you say

"Make sure it is not installed in the same directory,"

could you tell me exactly how I should follow that instruction?

In other words, how would I install, to another directory, with this particular program?

I assume that it defaults to a directory automatically and would have to be manually changed,

in some manner?

Thanks for your patience and help.

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