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[C] Can not slow down - CDBurnerXP always uses high speed

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I have a similar problem, I know where the advanced settings are, but I can't select any speed except one.

I'm writing a Data DVD, and I'd like to write it slower (like 4x).

My software:

Windows XP SP3 Italian


latest net libraries installed

My hardware:


Verbatim DVD 16x inserted

Here's a pic, why can't I write it slower?


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The data burning part cannot currently be fixed in this regard. You may want to check if this issue also occurs when burning video DVDs or ISO files, if not, consider your issue solved in version 4.5.

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As some posts in this threat, I have problem. I tried 4.3.x and 4.4.0 (latest) and whatever write speed I select (ISO or data disc), always writes with high one (like 16x speed). I am using Optiarc AD-7263S on Windows 7 x64 Ultimate with default CDBurnerXP settings.

What is interesting, that with TSST corp (Samsung) SH-S223C I do not have that problem (same data, same selected speed).

Between burning, antivirus and firewall disabled, uTorrent and other unnesecary programs closed.

- http://infrarecorder.org/ : Same problems as with your software.

- Nero burning rom 8/10/11 : Always burned as I want.

What other informations, do you need, let me know.

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Guest noname

Im using version cdbxp_setup_4.2.5.1490.exe and theres no problem to change burning speed.

Any newer versions burns at full speed.

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If you post, please always specify if you are referring to the data burning part or any other part of CDBurnerXP. The latter part can be improved if you provide enough details, the other one will get an update later this year.

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Guest Kurt

CD Burner XP

Burner Optiarc DVD AD 7260s

Windows7 64 bit

Data DVD

Speed for Writing selected 8x

All shown in Log 8x but 3,9 GB are burned in 4 minutes and the noise of the burner seems the same @ 20x

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Guest butterfly

I also meet the problem now, reloaded the program, updating, but system reset did not workout....speed 6 times: in 2 minutes the disc is burned, far too fast.

Company: if bug: release it please, thank you

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Guest Lolo

I was happy to see the last version with a speed selection functionnality !

But the first burning was done at 48x despite my 4x Selection.

For the second burning I selected a proposed speed (8x) and it worked.

I'm using "Copy or grab Disc" for audio copy and I would like a LOW SPEED for QUALITY BURNING.

The situation is still like one of my old posts : you have to first start a copy and cancel it to have a correct speed detection.

I'm using the portable x64 version.

Regards and many thanks for your great tool.

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I am also having this problem.  I am using on Windows 7 64-bit.  I need to record at slow speed so that my old CD player has a better chance of reading the CD-ROM.  I am trying to record an Audio Disc using mp3 files.  After clicking on burn, I was given the option to set the speed, which I set to 1x.  The fairly large disc recorded in only about 3 minutes, and told me that it had recorded at 40x.  I have an Optiarc DVD RW AD-7280S which is fairly new (last year or two).  I would appreciate any help resolving this.




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