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Audio CD Copy Fail (

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I use CDBurnerXP, Windows Vista Business 32Bit and the Sata Device LG GSA-H62N with the latest Firmware CL-01

Actually, it is the first time I want to use CDBurnerXP.

To copy the Audio CD, I put it in my only drive (the LG Burner) and choose "Copy Medium" and then "Copy Audio CD". The program extracts the image from the drive and reaches 50%, then ejects the source CD and asks for a CD-R. When I put it in, the log says that it now burns the image to the Medium, but it stays at 50% and above the log it still says "extracting". Nothing after this... it just stays at 50%, tried this a couple of times, always the same issue, only way to quit the program is to kill it with the Task Manager.

The source and the CD-R were both OK, since it was no problem to copy the medium with PowerISO later.



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Yes! That's it! I came here cause of this problem too. The problem exactly the same as me. But my OS is windows XP SP2 Pro. And my optical drive is IDE TS-H492A (CD Writer).

I fix this problem by ripping the song by WMP and then use CDBurnerXP write down the Audio CD. And, yes, it's work.

I think maybe this only problem with single optical drive. I'm sorry that I have another optical drive to try my opinion.

Anyway, your software is very good. I used it a long time ago. And I can see its development again and again. It's amazing.

And you're very good. Thanks for very good software.

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Had the same problem on a new Compaq laptop I just "downgraded" to Windows XP Pro SP3. Uninstalled and went back to a prior version, and everything was fine.

Love the software -- been using for quite a while now, and this is the first problem I've ever had with it.

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