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DVD+R medium size shown incorrectly?

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Hello, I'm a new user of CDburnerXP

I couldn't find the solution to the following problem:

While generating the list of files to be burnt on a "normal" DVD+R (about 4.5 GB) the status line indicates

size 4482 MB

but the total calculated size is shown as about 88xx MB and the used file space is calculated using the doubled file space too,

e.g. 3 GB real file space is indicated as 6 GB.

The same is true for the free rest on the medium: If 300 MB is indicated the real free space is about 150MB.

Trying to correct the medium size manually is not possible: DVDs are only presented as DVD-5 double layer (4.37GB) and DVD-9 double layer (7.95GB).

The "normal" one-sided DVD+R with about 4.5GB is not offered.

Any solution to this problem? Is there a simple point which I overlook? :(

Thanks in advance.

Regards, NSPitz

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see the attachment for a screen shot of the situation:[attachment=0]screenshot-empty-dvd.bmp[/attachment]

The inserted DVD+R is a normal empty DVD+R (Sony 4.37 GB 120 min, Accucore RW). The files in the compilation add up to about 1.37GB (measured by XP).

Why does the status line say: on disc 4482,62 MB if it is logically empty???

Why does cdburnerxp suggest or assume that this DVD+R is a double-size DVD+R?

Is there a simple explanation?

many thanks and regards,


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I have done a series of experiments.

CD-R and CD-RW

as far as I see the available disk size incl. free and used space is shown correctly (on-disc, logical and physical)

DVD+RW e.g. Octron DVD+RW 4.7 GB 120 min ReWRitable

seems to be correct for an empty disc

on-disc 0 MB

logical 4482,62 MB free 0 used

physical the same

DVD+R e.g. Sony DVD+R 4.7 GB 120 min

here there is a problem for an empty disc

on-disc 4482,62 MB

logical 4482,62 MB free 4482,62 MB used

physical 4482,62 MB free 0 used

consequently the numbers for the logical view seem to be incorrect. Since these logical spaces are used in the status line at the bottom the numbers given there are incorrect.

Hope that you can find an explanation.



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