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Bug "Data exceeds the size of the media" 4194304.00MB

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There is a bug, and it show following thing:

No CD-R in the drive and no file/folder in the directory for burn: It shows 0.00MB

But if I put a CD-R in the drive, it shows in the bottom status-bar: Data exceeds the size of the media -> 4194304.00MB (no file or folder in burn directory).

I installed two cd-r/dvd-r writers (Plextor PX-750A and HP DVD Writer 640c), always the same issue.

Tested with some brands of CD-R/DVD-Rs.

Any idea?

-> Version

Please see attached printscreen.

Thank you and best regards,


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Hi there. I have exactly the same problem.

A blank CD with Remaining Size -8392370.68 MB

This is on a Vista Home Premium System using a Gateway quad core PC and the drive is an Optiarc DVD RW AD 7173A.

Have you made any progress solving this issue?


Mark - San Francisco

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I have the same problem. If I insert a blank CD or DVD of any brand, even with no files in the compilation, I get a status bar error: "Data exceeds the size of the media."

Upgrading to the latest version of the software did not help. This is a SATA DVD burner under XP Pro that worked fine in another XP Pro machine. It also works without error on this machine using ImgBurn, which I installed to get the job done after CDBurnerXP balked.

One possibly interesting circumstance on this machine though is that I have not yet activated Windows, and Windows Genuine Notification is installed and noting the fact (though I have 20-some days till deadline). This is a computer I built as a lifeboat while the motherboard on the original computer is going through a warranty return.

Another item of possible interest is that Device Manager is reporting the drive (an Asus DRW-1814BLT) as a SCSI CD-ROM. I don't know what driver was used in the original PC.

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