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I have an extensive library of mp3's that I have been meaning to burn to CD's to finally play in my CDJ's that I bought. But the problem only starts here.

I bought 100 Sony CD-R's and I have actually tried everything to get this to work. Everytime I used CD Burner it never reads the CD, I've tried uninstalling the Cd drive and the reinstalling it, Ive tried other programs like infa recorder and windows media, nothing wants to work. Every program either encounters a problem or just doesnt read the Cd Drive. I know this is a bit desperate as this is my first post, but trust me, help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Dave.

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I enter the CD and open CD Burner XP, a lot of the time I hear the Cd inside try to rotate but fail.

I then click on Audio Disc and then click OK.

By this point there is already a problem as no Cd appears to have been read by the program as at the bottom it says No Disc. Audio CD: 0 tracks.

This is the usual typical problem when I cant go from... :(

The CD's need to be playable on a regular CD Player.

Ps/the Mp3 files are fully100% legal 320kbps mp3's so there should be no problem with those.

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I only have one drive and the CD never gets read when I insert it in the drive.

It just simply doesn't read anything, ever. Whatever CD-R I use.

Sorry for being difficult lol

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