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Command line error (cdbxpcmd.exe)

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Dear Mr. Flo,

After reading and following the instructions on the web on how to burn cds thru command line, please find below the error i've encountered:

E:\"C:\Program Files\CDBurnerXP\cdbxpcmd.exe" --burn-data -device:0 -dao -file[\]:D:\Installer\PocketPB25\pocketbuilderproduct0250win32.zip

Added: D:\Installer\PocketPB25\pocketbuilderproduct0250win32.zip

Starting to write disc...1 Files, 0 Folders

An error occured while writing the disc: NMSDVDXLib.DeviceErrorXClass

Please advice.



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Same error here, I'm using Windows Vista Business SP1 Italian version, latest version of CDBurnerXP as of today ( My PC is an HP Pavillion (AMD64 Athlon X2), the DVD Writer is a TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-H652L. I was using a Verbatim 4x 4.7 GB DVD-RW medium.

The command line I've been using is this:

C:\Program Files\CDBurnerXP>cdbxpcmd --burn-data -device:0 -format udf -folder:c:\downloads\software -name test

The error appeared when running as a user with admin rights. When running the command prompt as administrator I had, on the first run, a 'pure virtual function call' error box. Subsequent runs are as this:

C:\Program Files\CDBurnerXP>cdbxpcmd --burn-data -device:0 -format udf -folder:c:\downloads\software -name test

Added: c:\downloads\software\25r5035(1).exe

Added: c:\downloads\software\25r5035.exe

Added: c:\downloads\software\dw250907.exe

Added: c:\downloads\software\Firefox Setup

Added: c:\downloads\software\picasaweb-current-setup.exe

Added: c:\downloads\software\Thunderbird Setup

Added: c:\downloads\software\7_zip_4_57\7-zip.chm

Added: c:\downloads\software\7_zip_4_57\7z457.exe

Added: c:\downloads\software\7_zip_4_57\7za.exe

Added: c:\downloads\software\cdbxp_4.0.024.439\cdbxp_setup_4.0.024.439.exe

Added: c:\downloads\software\cdbxp_4.1.2.678\cdbxp_setup_4.1.2.678.exe

Added: c:\downloads\software\cdbxp_4.2.1.950\cdbxp_setup_4.2.1.950 - Copia.exe

Added: c:\downloads\software\cdbxp_4.2.1.950\cdbxp_setup_4.2.1.950.exe

Added: c:\downloads\software\cureit!\launch.exe

Added: c:\downloads\software\davidĀ®zehn!\DavidĀ®zehn!-10-MAY-2007.nrg

Added: c:\downloads\software\Exchange2003sp2\E3SP2ENG.EXE

Added: c:\downloads\software\Exchange2003sp2\E3SP2ITA.EXE

Added: c:\downloads\software\notepad_plus_plus_5_0_installer\npp.5.0.Installer.exe

Added: c:\downloads\software\serial_test\an#146.zip

Added: c:\downloads\software\serial_test\com-test.zip

Added: c:\downloads\software\serial_test\free-serial-port-monitor.exe

Added: c:\downloads\software\serial_test\HISTORY.LST

Added: c:\downloads\software\serial_test\Loopback.exe

Added: c:\downloads\software\serial_test\Loopback.pdf

Added: c:\downloads\software\serial_test\READ.ME

Added: c:\downloads\software\serial_test\SETUP.EXE

Added: c:\downloads\software\SyncEXP\readme.txt

Added: c:\downloads\software\SyncEXP\SyncEXP.cfg

Added: c:\downloads\software\SyncEXP\SyncEXP.exe

Added: c:\downloads\software\SyncEXP\SyncEXP.log

Added: c:\downloads\software\technical_docs\cisco\qos\ddavis_QoS_worksheet.xls

Added: c:\downloads\software\winmerge_2_8_4\WinMerge-2.8.4-Setup.exe

Added: c:\downloads\software\wmpfirefoxplugin\wmpfirefoxplugin.exe

Starting to write disc...33 Files, 16 Folders

An error occured while writing the disc: NMSDVDXLib.DeviceErrorXClass

Rolling back to a previous version gives more or less the same results. As of today I've been unable to produce anything using the command line, but CDBurnerXP works flawlessly in the GUI Version :)

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