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Preset Disabling Auto-Update and Prevent Default Drag-and-Drop

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It's me again. I'm developing https://github.com/Edditoria/windows-initial-setup that automates initial setup Windows for general purposes. I have another questions for silent install.

According to knowledge base, I can completely disable online update in Application.ini and do PreventDefaultDragDrop=1 in UserSettings.ini

1. In silent install, can I disable (uncheck) the auto-update in options instead of completely disable online update mechanism?

So user can control the update by himself. Touching Application.ini is not a user-friendly way for average Joe.

2. Predefine the PreventDefaultDragDrop during silent install?

I think it is an important setting and should be default in options. However, there are lots of things in "UserSettings.ini". Is it the only way that I write a script to find the string "PreventDefaultDragDrop=0" and replace it with "PreventDefaultDragDrop=1" and rewrite the ini file? Is there other ways to achieve this?


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1: You can change Application.ini if you do not want to let users change the option, otherwise there's UserSettings.ini which can be changed using the settings dialog.

2: Again, you have to modify the INI file directly. I'd recommend using the Win32 function WritePrivateProfileString for this task.

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