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Printing tracklist from compilation

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I have a list of 30 track items sorted after number in the names. The Adio CD is burn in this order. But when i tried to print a list for the box this order of the tracks is another one and there are only 28 item. The printet list is useless.



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Is the order of the tracks in the list and the order of the tracks on the printed cover the same? If not, please provide detailed steps for reproducing the error.

The number of tracks, on the other hand, is limited to the size of the cover.

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Dear Flo.

I can understand the problem with 28 instead of 30.

All the names of tracks from a downloaded CD (payed) started with a number (1 to 30) and then the desciption

By moving the tracks to the burning list they were order lexically

1 xxaabc

10 qwwe

11 asddff


2 aaaa

20 ssss

21 ffff


3 ggg

30 tttt

4 qqq

5 pppp

6 zzz


9 uuuu

I change the list to a list order by the value of the first number : 1 xxaabc 2 aaaa ... 30 tttt

and burn the CD with the tracks in this order.

Then I asked for a tracklist to be printed and the printing version was the lexically order list also the first one, and I could not change the list for printing. I solved the problem by copy the burning list to MS Excel and after removing information and changing to size of the letters, I could copy this to MS Publisher on a CD card.

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