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Is there a know cure for this error?

I have admin rights, but still it won't intall completely.

When do you get this error?

PS: Is there a way to get v3 beta?


a) Wait a week

B) Become Helpfile translator

c) Donate (what will take a week at least too)

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When do you get this error?

During installation [almost at the end i think] it gives this error and says something about a desktop.ini file in the folder P:\My CDBXP Project\desktop.ini which cannot be updated.

Verify it excists and that you can access it.

Wel I did verify that it exists and sinds i have admin rights accessing may not be a problem.

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This problem should be fixed in next version, at the moment you can't do anything.

OK, thanks for your reply.

Next version was scheduled in about a week?

I can hardly wait!!! :wink2:

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