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CD burner XP 4.2.2 has hiccup

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Hi, I write here because I'm experimenting a strange effect with CD burner XP ver 4.2.2 that is persuading me from not using that software anymore, even if I have always loved it.

When I insert any CD or DVD, CD burner XP begins to act in a strange way that I cannot describe very well, but it is very similar to an hiccup, since it alternates seconds when it runs fine with seconds when the program freezes and does not answer. Sort of "fine - frozne - fine - frozen..."

Then, it becomes very problematic to do any operation as long as there is any CD or DVD into the CD/DVD burner. Is there any software conflict? Maybe some leftover from previous versions, as nero burning rights...

I would prefer to keep using CD burner XP rather than changing software.

Thank you for support.

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