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"Writing Leadout" Fails

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October 25, 2008

After burning files to Media (CD's, DVD's, Dual-Layers, etc.), the program, after the data is written, goes into a "Writing Leadout" phase.

Occasionally, after quite a pause, this process concludes normally. More often, however, the program "hangs up", apparently attempting endlessly to perform the process, as the timer keeps running. To exit, it it necessary to manually kill the program with the Task Manager, and then to reboot to extract the media from the drive.

Strangely, this inelegant exit procedure does not seem to affect the final product, as byte-by-byte directory and file comparisons reveal the copied items to be identical to the originals, and the media created plays as expected.

I am using a Dell laptop with Vista SP-1. Other programs (Easy Media Creator, Nero, DVDFab, etc.) do not exhibit the same problems. The CDBurnerXP version number is (current version).

Thanks... WWR

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Guest spoofi

i experience the same problem.

OS: Vista SP1 32 Bit - used with an admin user account.

i will update to latest CD Burner version .2568 to check if tis bug is still present.

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Guest Sam

It can take a considerably long time to finish writing the lead-out on double layer DVDs, once I had to wait 8-10 minutes for this to complete, just as I thought the process did hang itself up, the completion screen showed up. So I cannot say if this is normal or if this is a bug. The other time I was not patient enough and killed the process, however as OP states, the data was copied perfectly, perhaps I was not being patient enough.

I am using XP SP2 with the latest portable install: CDBurnerXP-x64- 01-May-2012 13:32 6.0M

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