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Covers for Audio CDs

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Guest KriSLee


I'm looking for CD Burning software that will make creating of labels very quick and easy.

In CDBurnerXP Pro creating of covers is very...not universal.

1. This IMAGE with big AUDIO text? What should I do if I don't wan't this image? Or if I want only one page (not doubled/two sided) booklet?

2. For now I use software that have the functions writed above, but when I do List of songs (to put on cover) I must manually write Artist and Title for each file (even if it's mp3 file and it have ID3Tag). I hopeing that CDBurner XP Pro have this function (when I saw Mp3 Tag editor) but it doesn't? Or maybe I just don't found it?

So, my only sugestions is to making COVERS (especielly reading title and artist from ID3tags). To the rest I have no....sugestions, it's very good application.

Thanks in advance for answers


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