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Left side Right side WRONG side

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1st I wanted to say thank you for the developers of CDBurnerXP This is a fantastic and simple tool + its FREE

I did look around before posting and did not see this topic.

Now I’m not sure how to explain this but here goes.

After burning a CD the sounds are coming out of the wrong side, wrong speaker. Prier to burning, the play is correct. After burning what should be out the right speaker is on the left and vs. a versa

Another example: A 2 track CD where Trk 1 the voice is on the right (the side it should be) track 2 voice is on the Left, (Wrong side) I won't go into why this is important but what goes in is what should come out.

Is it a bug or a setings option?


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I can confirm the report.

CD Burner XP Pro

.NET v2.0.50727 and v3.0

XP SP 2 plus patches

Intel Core 2 T7200, 2GB RAM

I made a gapless audio CD from a sequence of 1-minute long stereo FLAC files.

The files are a constant position stereo recording of a speaker (r-ch) and his interpreter (l-ch).

The tracks on the audio cd swap stereo position every track. Kinna a neat effect, but a bug none the less.

I have attached two flac files to illustrate the problem.

Since this forum doesn't allow flac files I had to rename them with a txt extension..

Great sw btw & )


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