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Audio CD - buffer underruns with Pioneer DVD 111D

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My buffer dwindled to zero for each of the seven tracks that I tried to burn to an audio CD using a Pioneer DVR-111D. I don't know of anything else happening on the computer when I was doing the burn - I don't think that antivirus was scanning....

I recorded at the lowest speed I could (4x), track at once, and checked the test first box.

I am running WinXP Pro SP2 and the firmware 1.23 for the DVR-111D

on ABit KN8 motherboard with an AMD Athlon64 and a gig of RAM

The IMAPI service is disabled. Here are the services that are running:

APC UPS Service

Application Layer Gateway Service

Automatic Updates

COM+ Event System

Cryptographic Services


DCOM Server Process Launcher

DHCP Client

Distributed Link Tracking Client

DNS Client

Error Reporting Service

Event Log

Fast User Switching Compatibility

ForceWare Intelligent Application Manager (IAM)

ForceWare IP service

ForceWare user log service

Forceware Web Interface

GlidePoint Touchpad Client

Help and Support

IPSEC Services

Logical Disk Manager

Machine Debug Manager

McAfee Task Scheduler

McAfee WSC Integration

McAfee.com McShield

Network Connections

Network Location Awareness (NLA)

NVIDIA Display Driver Service

Plug and Play

Print Spooler

Protected Storage

Remote Procedure Call (RPC)

Remote Registry

Secondary Logon

Security Accounts Manager

Security Center


Shell Hardware Detection

SSDP Discovery Service

System Event Notification

System Restore Service

Task Scheduler


Terminal Services



Windows Audio

Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)

Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)

Windows Management Instrumentation

Windows Time

Windows User Mode Driver Framework

Wireless Zero Configuration


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