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[C] Bug - Reported and actual file dates

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I have recently moved to CDBurnerXP from Nero and am very happy with it. Well done all.

I am on

I am creating an ISO on a semi-regular basis, after updating and replacing certain files for the disc.

The "Date modified" field in the CD Explorer view reflects the file modified date (from when I first created the compilation), rather than the current file modified date, even if I run Update Compilation.

I have not tested if the same applies to the file Size field.

The correct file does end up on the ISO, but it is left with the old, incorrect date.

I would expect the "Date modified" field to reflect the actual date, especially after running Update Compilation.

I also note that folders on the ISO are given a date of 2155-12-30 00:00. This doesn't affect me at all, but maybe using the actual date the ISO is created would be more intuitive.

Hope this helps you keep up the great software.

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