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Writing Problem

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I have experienced errors in the writing of Data CDs for backup purposes. The errors appear in either the 'pre write' test or as in the case of the most recent incident (21/4/05) the error occurred after the 'pre write' check came up OK. The system is an AMD Sempron 2800 / 1024MB /120GB/ Geforce 5600 128MB / Artec wsm-yg52 CDWriter


'Writing error (3) Error occurred writing data to disc. Error trying to writepast user area of the media (1038) Error sense data Sense KEY 5 ASC:63 ASCQ :0

File 177 of 452 with 120 folders of mixed data (pictures/documents/presentations etc)

629.4MB on 700MB CD

Using Versioin 3.0.116

Has anyone else had this error?

Can you help me?

Many thanks

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