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CDBurnerXP now also available on CD

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we now also offer CDBurnerXP on CD. This CD does not only include CDBurnerXP, but also all required system updates like Windows Installer 3.1 and the .NET framework. If there is enough interest in it, we'll consider adding an offline version of the manual and other stuff which could add more value to the CD. By buying this CD you'll contibute to this project financially and in return get a nice item :)

Update: Since cafepress.com has disappointed me to quite some extend in regard to the comfort and reliability of this kind of product, I'm now offering it on lulu.com.



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Hey Flo,

Can we get an update on the issue: "An error occured while burning the disk. Most likely the disk is not usable.... (devNoAdditionalSenseInfo) Error flushing

device cache while closing track. 0x0000000"? (See: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=6688) I can't do any burning; I keep getting the error.

Thanks so much.


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Guest Mathias

I am not interessted in asking for Details.

I only want you the Developer a big compliment. I am just a normal PC-User. Your freeware is

a excellent Product. Compered to NERO i am surprised you are not selling your Product?

Maybe you answer my Question?

Nice Greeting Mathias Munich

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Guest Mahesh

Very user friendly. I appreciate it. Thank-you very much!

Question: Have you got something for files on my CDs that I can first convert to MP3 from my CDs then make them into MP3 CDs? Nothing complicated.

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