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[C] Wrong folder date/time in compilation window

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Before I write my own software to cd, I'd like to set the date and time of all files and folders to the same date and time. This includes the creation date/time, modified date/time and last accessed date/time. Although the browser window of cdburnerxp shows the correct folder date/time, the compilation window doesn't. It seems to use the date/time when the folder was added to the compilation. This only happens for folders, files have the correct date/time.

I'd really like to see this changed in a future version, because this makes it impossible for me to use cdburnerxp.

I'm using cdburnerxp on windows vista sp1.



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I'm using cdburnerxp on windows XP sp3. Can you tell me when your next rev. that will correct the "creation date" problem (I need to maintain original creation date) of photos will be corrected? I love the program, but I am unable to go to the next level with it the way it is.

Thank you for your time.


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Guest JuneNJ1

I am using this for the first time, and I would also like to retain the original dates of the folders and files I am burning to CD.

PLEASE make this an option!!

thank you.

June :)

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Hi Flo,

I agree with JuneNJ1. Some people (like ivsystem) want all the files/folders on the destination ISO to have the same creation/modified dates to be the date of ISO building. Some people want the files/folders on the destination ISO to retain the creation/modified dates of the original source files (like JuneNJ1 does and me most of the time). Can you make it an option setting please? Unless it's already there and I am just missing it if so please forgive and instruct me.

I am using



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