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Looking for autoburn on

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I have had no issues at all with the program until I recently upgraded to v4.2.3.1110. It really isnt a big issue.

I use the program only for burning .mp3s to audio CDs.

--With the older version and the newer version I have the Explorer Panel in view.

--I locate my files to burn and drag them down to be burned.

--The "Adding Tracks to Audio Image" box shows the individual files being converted prior to burning.

Now this is where the previous version and the newer version part ways.

In the older version, after the individual files were processed the program immediately started burning the files to disc.

This newer version, after the individual files have been processed another box pops up--the "Burn Audio CD" box then presents me with 2 choices, "Burn Disc" or "Cancel".

I hit the "Burn Disc" button and the program burns my files with no problem.

I usually burn maybe 40 to 50 small files on each cd. Now with the newer version I have to wait for the files to be processed and wait for the "burn disc" button to pop up.

With the older version I just added the files and the files were processed and the program immediately went to burn mode without my having to sit and wait and hit the "burn disc" button. I just walked away and it burned.

I want to be able to just do what I used to do with the old version. I have looked under file/options/general settings to enable this autoburn feature but I do not see the option to recreate the aspect I am looking for.

Am I not seeing it? Or do I just need to download the older version?

Thanks in advance.

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Well, that's the sad story: Due to the numerous bugs in the burning library (not my fault) I had to force a preprocessing procedure for all MP3 and OGG (FLAC anyway) files. This makes the whole process reliable, but slower. In near future, this shouldn't be necessary anymore though.

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I thank you for your response.

At least now I know I am not going crazy looking for something that is not available.

My gratitude speaks for your help and such a great program!

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