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Can't get started

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I've used a CD burner lots of times, but this is the first time I'm trying to burn DVDs. Program came with this used computer as freeware. I have lots of graphics filed to back up, in PNG and JPG formats. All I want to do is write them to DVDs as data and be done with it. Instead I'm getting message about writing from ISO [?], which I did not specify — since I don't know what ISO even means! Or it tells me I have no media in the drive, which I do — the DVD drive, not the CD drive.

The program's interface very much resembles CD programs interfaces, with the obvious icons and drop-down menus, but it's just not working, not even getting started. And I don't see anything tht I may be overlooking.

Assistance would be much appreciated — in plain English, please. Thanks and Happy New Year.

Sheldon Lichter

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