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New Liteon ihap422-8

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I have the following Liteon ATAPI/IDE drives LH-20A1H-186 and iHAP422-8. The latest firmware is LL0D for

the first and VL14 for the second. I have CDBurnerXP v4.2.3.1110 on a Dell GX280 computer with Windows XP Pro Sp3.


A). Select Recorder->Device Info for the iHAP422-8

the HD-R entry for the Write section of the list is not shown although it is shown for the Read section.

For this drive the missing entry should show 'No'. HD-DVD disks.

B). Select Recorder->Device Info for the iHAP422-8

the entry 'SupportDiscPresent:No' seems like it should say 'yes'. The reason is because with no

disk in the drive and when I select disc->disc information menu selection it tells me there is

no media in the drive. Thus, the two are related and I'd think it should say 'yes'.

C). Select Recorder->Device Info for the iHAP422-8

It says it doesn't support digital port 1 and 2. Is this the Audio digital ports? If so where is the

entry for Analog Audio support since I can connect a cable from the Analog Audio connector on the

DVD/CD drive and connect it to the motherboard. Then I can select this by changing the properties

of the drive to play digital or analog audio from the DVD/CD drive. The digital audio ports are also on the drive.

D). The capability to display and modify the region code on the DVD/CD and give me information

under Recorder/Device Info as to what the region code is set to and how many times I have left to change it.

E). The text for the menu item is incorrect and/or not clear.

File->Convert ISO Image should be File->Convert to ISO image

F). CDBurnerXP now needs to have a name change since the name implies Windows XP, but it works

on Vista and it probably will work on the new Windows 7 coming out. Thus,it needs to remove XP from the name.

Moreover, it may be able to work on Windows 2K, Windows 2K3, Windows 2k8 server OS' too.

Does it work on these others? I don't have these OS'.

G). Since CDBurnerXP can create ISO's , the problem is that I can't read them back or open an ISO file to see

what's in it, modify it and write it back out. The same applies to bin/cue.

other formats are .daa

H). Need the ability under Recorder->Device Info to show me for each drive feature i.e. DVD+-RW , CD-RW etc.

what the speed ratings are since they aren't the same for Writing and Reading for each feature. I'd like to

see it in the format of 22X, 16X, 52X, 8X, 4X, 2X, 1.2X etc. MBytes max isn't to useful IMHO.

I). Instead of separate menu entries under 'File' to explicitly state convert ..., why not allow the user to

open and save/save-as the files by selecting the file extension type to use? That is, I can open a file

and select .iso or .daa or .bin and then save/save-as anyone of these which will resave as the

original format or do the conversion from one file extension to another. This is more intuitave.

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