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Multisession DVD has files missing after burn

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I have XP Pro Service Pack 2 and am using CDBurnerXP 4.2.3. My drive is TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-H653B and I am trying to write multi session Data DVDs. My problem is that if I continue the disc then all the files I have burned to it appear in the session window of CDBurnerXP (where the file appears when you add it to the disc). All files and folders appear here with the correct sizes. However, when I burn it I always have some files missing, sometimes entire folders, if I explore the disc through explorer. The disc is being used to test a version of an installer so this falls over as it can not find the files it needs.

My settings are: File Settings = ISO9660/UDF/Joliet, File Filter = *.*

When burning, I choose Continue Disc, Verify Data, eject the disc

I add files simply by selecting them and adding them by pressing the add icon (large green plus sign). I am using DVD RWs and this is causing some major headaches. I am unable to use Roxio and Nero on this system for various reasons, so CDBurnerXP has been recommended. Many of my colleagues use it without problems.

Can some one give me ideas as to why these files appear in CDBurnerXP but not on the disc?

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I have similar problem.

I added one more folder into an open CD which already have three folders. Followed the instruction, I chose "Continue disc" and the existing folders were marked in red. After adding one more folder, I checked the CD. First, it showed nothing about the new added folder. I ejected the CD and reinserted it again. Then it showed all four folders in Explorer. When I checked the content, I found that one folder was empty. :shock: I checked it again in CDBurnerXP, and it showed all four folders.

I double checked the disc in Ashampoo Burning Studio 6, and when choosing continuing the disc, it showed the following error message:


I could still see all the contents.

I don't know why this is happening. And this is not the first time with CDBurnerXP.

Now I am trying to recover the "missing" files in the CD. How can I copy them to my hard drive if I cannot see them in Explorer?

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I have recovered the missing files.

I used ImgBurn to copy CD into an image file. Mounted this image file and found that it has only the first three folders (1st session) but no the added fourth folder. :?: However, the missing files were stored in the 1st session, so I was able to copy them into my hard drive

I think that's the multisession bug and the reason why Ashampoo showed that error message while CDBurnerXP didn't (it showed all four folders and their contents). :|

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A similar problem also for me :(

After selecting 'Continue disc' I added some folders and files into existing folders: after the burning process, Windows Explorer doesn't see the content of these folders (the added elements, but also what I burned the first time).

The CDBurnerXP 'Compilation Window' shows the whole DVD content (no files or folders missing).

If I continue a Multisession DVD, and add the same elements into the DVD root (not into existing folders), everything works fine...

I hope this helps you

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Guest JCW

Vix seems to describe my problem exactly (see post in Bugs by JCW ยป Thu Oct 01, 2009 1:56 am). This problem seems to be hanging around for a long time with no solution, or have I missed something? I'm about ready to give up on CDBurnerXP... -- JCW

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Guest JCW

>>An update from NMS might fix that problem...<<

Flo -- Please forgive my ignorance, but what is "NMS" and what update might I try?

Please also see my problem update just posted in Bugs on Fri Oct 02, 2009 6:39 pm, in case that helps... -- JCW

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NMS is NumediaSoft, the developer of the data burning library. They already have an update available, but did not yet get back to me in regard to how I can purchase it.

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Guest JCW

Thanks, Flo. Just one more question: Is everyone having this problem, or might my problem be that I'm running as a "Limited User," not an "Administrator," under Windows XP SP3? -- JCW

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I'm having the same problem. Multisession is not correctly updating the disk so you can see the files. CDburnerXP 4.x

is not working correctly. I believe it has to do with the UDF system. Other folks are having the same issue. I was having

this problem with DVD-R and DVD+R disks using 3.5.x.x.x I used the file checking system (Close last session) in the disk

Info menu. (Close last session) needs to be put back into the program in order to correct this problem for now.I use it for

DVD's when after burning DVD's and the DVD show no files. Close last session fixes this problem !!!

Now the problem has moved into the 4.x.x.x versions!

It's effecting standard CD-R disks too. Flo's going to have to find out what's causing this problem.

I'm, in the mean time, will be going back to the OLD program 3.5 alpha to use CDBurnerXP with framework 1.1 so not to

waste any good DVD's or CD's! :) Note: Close session after burn still keeps disk multisession disk.

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