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Burning process completed but nothing on DVD

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Guest Den63


I have just installed CDBurnerXP and burned my first DVD-R. I choosed to finalise the DVD and everything worked fine, also the final control (which takes much more time than the burning itself ...). But now when I want to access (read) the DVD normally with windows, the DVD seems empty ... Have you an Idea of what the problem is ? Thank you in advance, Den63

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Guest Den63


Here the solution of the problem together with a little analysis.

The first part of the explanation can be found under the following link:


I had in fact Windows-XP with only SP2.

In addition I claim that Windows-XP/SP2 has not only problem to read an UDF sparing table that spans over more than one sector but has also problem to write such a table (the DVD was also badly written, it couldn't be read on other systems like for instance Linux).

I installed Windows-XP/SP3 on my computer and everything work now fine.

Question to Flo: can you confirm that CDBurnerXP uses Windows low-level routines which could result in the problem I had ?

And another question to Flo: to burn a DVD with ~ 4 GB data it tooks ~ 15'; for the subsequent 'verify data after burning' it tooks almost 40'. Why does it take so much more time to check the data, have you an explanation ?

I hope you will answer my questions.

But anyway, I would like to thank you very much for this very good tool. I also write (smaller) programs and I realize therefore the huge work which you must have had in order to create this well working CDBurnerXP Program. Thank you.

Denis (Den63)

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