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I have installed CDBurnerXP under Windows 7 (build 7000 with key from M$), but it can not find my Optiarc DVD-RW 7173S SATA drive. With the same BIOS settings, it can find my drive under Windows XP. My other burning device, TEAC CD-W552E is working fine with both operating systems.

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Guest rboyadzhiev1

I have the same issue with my Optiarc DVD RW AD-7560S ATA. Working under Windows XP but not under Windows Vista and Windows 7. :(

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My Samsung SH-S203P SATA is also not found with CDBurnerXP...

hmmm... search for CDBurner7 ;-)

Yesterday i updated it with the latest firmware version. But it will be LOST...

Hope for an update....

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i had simple problem

but now it detect

IF you have burner in ahci mode and the drive is imput to INTEL SATA (in gigabyte matherboard "yellow" )

you have to download from intel site INTEL MATRIX STORAGE MANAGER

http://www.intel.com>work>downloads>chiepset>chiepset software>intelmatrix storage manager

direct link:

http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Product ... 1〈=eng

you have to choose you system and architekture (x32 or x64)

for windows 7 working vista drivers

now you downloading from

Utilities, Tools and Examples

zip file


go to

my computer

right mouse click in free space>prophets>device menager>IDE ATA/API controler

> NOW you have to find here something like this standard AHCI version 1.0 controller or something other what have in name AHCI >

>right click on it> chose update driver>browse my computer>let me pick>Have disk> FIND unzipped intel matrix storage and choose from there "iaAHCI" > ok > next and after installing restart computer

after restart system will detect all dives again and will install it and after that you have to restart system again

the end:]

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Guest Lincoln

Worked for me too,but I just installed Matrix storage on Windows 7 64 bit,without updateing driver afterwards.Thanks!

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Hi, ...

I have think that CDBurnerXP, have a problem writing on CD/DVD, inside Windows 7 x64 Rc.

But, ... see below = It's not CDBurnerXP.

On the same computer, i have inside by default Windows Vista x64 Premium, but i have upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Rc.

Inside Windows Vista x64 Premium, no problem.

After the Windows 7 upgrade, problem with the CD/DVD writer driver.

= in example inside Windows 7 Rc,

1) Lightscribe software, dont detect the CD/DVD writer.

2) CDBurnerXP make writing bug failure.

3) Media Center, dont write correctly on DVD disk.


This bug driver, is probably fixed in the final version of Windows 7 build 7600 x64.


For the moment, i keep Windows Vista Premium SP2 x64.



Sylvain St-Amand (sst)

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Guest Trix

I have the same problem with

Blu-ray recorder LG GGW-H20L (SATA) - not detected by CDBurnerXP

Nero 7 detects this drive without problems.

My older DVD-RW LG GSA-4163B (PATA) works fine in both CDBurnerXP and Nero 7

Looks like the solution from infernovip should help me.


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Guest vdirufgvh

i had not working in win 7 ultimate, after 10 minutes of "copying" to the hard disk, it seems 99 prosent ready, and now it has been doing the work over 19 minutes, still 99 % ready ! wheres the broblemo ?

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Guest GoodNews

The below worked fine for me (Windows 7 Home Premium) when getting reports of no devices detected.

In summary - you just need to install the latest Intel SATA/AHCI drivers.

Download and install INTEL MATRIX STORAGE MANAGER from Intel website.

Right click on My Computer and select Manage, then select Device Manager. Find SATA/AHCI driver, right click and select Uninstall driver. Reboot then reinstall driver - specify location of c:\program files (x86)\Intel\Intel Matrix Storage Manager\driver64

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* DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver

Product functionality and graphics quality may vary based on your system configuration. Some versions and features may require additional hardware support. It is advisable to consult a Windows technical support professional to assess your system status and compatibility. Microsoft Windows 7 installation process is simple and they will tell you exactly what you should do the moment your install is completed.

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Guest waynelam

For Windows 7 users,

I tried the Intel Matrix Storage Manager software download directly from Intel website.

It didn't work on Windows 7 coz it said it is incompatible with it. Then i tried to install

Intel® Rapid Storage Technology and it did the trick.

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