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How do I REDUCE burning speed???

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First you may ask -----why would I want to do that------, reduce burn speed----- that is.

Well I am in the middle of a situation with Seagate. I am having a problem updating firmware on one of their drives. Their 5th and last suggestion was to burn the downloaded Boot ISO file to a CD using 4X or 8X speed instead of the 40X that is my two CD burner drives are burning at..

Now to the problem:

So I select the ------------Burn ISO Image ----------------option

This is a ISO file when I add it to that wizard and tell the program that I want to burn an ISO image

I can not set the speed lower that the 40X that the program has selected for me . The Override speed detection button does not function??? when clicked (it only shows "maximum" as the only available option ). However AFTER it burns a CD 100%

Then this same override speed shows many options that will apparently let me set a lower burn speed.

SO I select that option 8X and click burn and that selection is somehow cancelled and once again the burning is accomplished at 40X.


How can I set this ISO image to be burned at a speed lower than the current 40X burn speed that is NOT good for my purpose?



Thanks in advance!

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First of all try to update to the latest version.

The dialog shows speeds other than maximum only when a disk is already on your drive, so try to insert an empty disk before invoking it.

If you are still facing problems try ImgBurn.

Good luck with the hard drive restoration.

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Guest kryden


I hit another problem. I "always" burn my DVD:s at 4x, because I want to be able to read them again :o (why bother burning if you can not be sure to have best burn quality?). Now I wanted to burn 2 DVD:s with same content but on 2 different DVD brands, to further eliminate risk for bad DVD:s. So I set the option to burn 2 DVD:s and selected 4x burning. First disk burns as expected, on 4x speed, but when I inserted the second DVD of another brand it started to burn it on Maximum speed :( , in spite of the 4x speed I had selected. Is there no way to set default burning speed to Max 4x for all types of DVD disks????


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