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so every time i try to burn a cd or a dvd (ive tried different kinds of dvds and cds) it tells me.... Burning error occured (devPowerOnResetOccured) could not write to disc (LBA: 0 Length: 32). Power On, Reset, or Bus Device Reset Occured. - 0x062900

im using vista business x64, ddr3 ram, intel quad, sony (DRU-120C) ide cd/dvd burner

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!! thanks!

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Guest rebel

Oh man, that's interesting, same for me here!! (But also with another DVD burning tool!)

See the screenshot:


Any ideas already?


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Help!!! I've already made more than a dozen coasters. My drive writes DVD-RWs fine but gives this strange error when I try to write on DVD-Rs (all minus, no plus). Tried different brands.

(devPowerOnResetOccurred) Could not write to Disc (LBA: 74368 Length: 32).

Power On, Reset, or Bus Device Reset Occurred. - 0x062900

Tried Disc-at-once and Session-at-once. Tried "Simulate burning process" but ended up creating a coaster even in the so-called "simulation". Have not tried disabling buffer protection yet, will do so now but I have already lost hope. My $$ just keeps going out to becoming coasters. :(

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Guest Andyholic

Hello CDBurner-Fans!

I have the same Problem with Win7 64Bit Enterprise.

devpoweronresetoccured ... with the same type of media (platinum dvd+r 16x) and drive tsscorp sh222 as i had in my previous installation with xp32.

since many people have this problem with vista64 or win64 i would suggest an incompatiblity with 64bit os. but some user are lucky and it works for them.

greetz from germany,


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Guest Andyholic


I was able to burn the disk with reduced speed. Guys, i suggest you try the same.

CDBurnerXP is not recognizing the maximum speed of the media correctly. 16x media will be burned with higher speed if you have a faster dvd-rw like me. my first test with 4x was successful.

i get back to you after i tried 16x (CDBurnerXP wanted to burn with 18xc instead of the medias limit of 16x).

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Guest Andyholic

Ok here the results:

Burning with 4x, 8x and 16x without problem. Faster than the given media-speed: no chance, always failures...

Hope this helped!

BTW: if you need to set the speed manually, in the dialog "close disk, leave open oder advanced properties" you need to open the properties dialog (excuse me, i use the german version and do not know the english menu settings names...). there you can change the speed setting.

For further versions of CDBurnerXP I suggest fixing this Media Identification problem.

Never burn faster than the speed printed on your media!

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