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User setting of main memory buffer

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I think it would be nice if one could set the size of the memory buffer size.

I've looked for a memory write buffer setting into cdburnerxp pro prefereces, for config files in the program directory and into the windows registry but haven't found such option.

Therefore I conclude it doesn't exist or is very undocumented and suggest it be implemented or if it exists, documented in the help or readme.

My system has 512MB of memory, and since there is normally much of that unused while I'm doing the things I do while burning a cd/dvd I would like to set it to maybe 200MB to decrease the likelyhood of a buffer underrun or slowdown.

The more buffer the better, isn't it ? :D

And if theres much unused memory why not use it for buffering if you know you it won't be needed by other programs. Well, maybe filling a huge memory buffer before burning commences takes a little time but thereafter should make the burning process less prone to failure (for example when burning from a network share, and there is a lot of hard disk activity for some time on the computer it belongs to) .

Speaking about failures, it would be nice if cdburnerxp pro kept trying to reconnect, if a resource from which data to be burned becomes unavailable during the burning process.

I imagine, with that and a large enough RAM write buffer setting , when burning from a network share, that computer could even reboot without causing the writing process to fail.

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