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CDBurnerXP Makes Blank Audio CDs

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Hi, I am having a problem with CDBurnerXP. When I drag a bunch of Mp3s into CDBXP and I click the button to begin burning, it pops up a window that essentially converts the MP3s to WAV. Problem is, I use FFDShow Tryouts and this pauses the conversion before it can begin, it pops up a window asking me if I want to use FFDShow for this.

Well, I hesitated because I wasn't sure what to do. Thing is, FFDShow lets me add all sorts of filters and stuff to change the quality of sound and I wasn't sure if that would affect the music that's being converted to Wav. It went ahead and closed after I waited to long and CDBXP went ahead and converted them and burned to CD.

After trying to playback the CD in a CD player, all of the songs were blank. I'm not even sure why. Was it FFDShow that interfered? Is it because CDBXP went retarded while it converted the songs to blank WAV files? I'm hoping someone here can tell me if they've experienced the same thing and if they can tell me how to avoid this problem in the future.



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Okay after closer inspection, it seems as if CDBurnerXP is broken. I tried it with FFDShow and I tried it without. Both times resulted in Blank CDs. I tried using a second program to convert the MP3s to WAV files, I dragged the WAV files into CDBurnerXP and burned them using the AudioCD mode. This resulted in a playable CD.

There is something wrong with CDBurnerXP. I am using V.

First of all, why is CDBurnerXP even calling a DirectShow filter? Why? Shouldn't it have its own codecs and encoders built in, thus making the need for DirectShow irrelevant? You guys need to fix this because I am willing to bet money that I'm not the only person here having difficulties burning audio CDs.


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