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DVD High Compatibility 4.2.3, need help

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Hello, i've been trying to locate the option to choose burn with high compatibility, i read the online help manual for burning options and i've looked everywhere for this option when im in the advanced burn options, but i do not see that option anywhere in the whole program (i spent pretty much 30mins - 1hr looking for this option)

I would really appreciate it if someone could help me with this because i want to be able to burn dvds that can work with any dvd player (ex. playstation 2 dvd player, any dvd player that doesnt have divx in it) like i was able to with nero.

Thank you very much for reading and i look forward to any replies i may get, once again thank you.

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can anyone help me out with this or know of any help topic that could have been already asked and answered about this, ive already tried doing a search and only one other person asked the same question about a week ago and no one answered him, and i couldnt find anything else about this feature at all on this forum or in the online help guide, once again thanks for reading any help is appreciated.

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Guest Bob Nick

DVD High Compatibility

DVD only, writes at least 1GB data, no matter if there are 1GB of files or not. This is done to ensure compatibility to older recorders. Note that it may take a while to write the data to hard disc when creating an ISO image with that option.

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