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Missing files

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Guest Julie

I had same problem, successfully burned 4GB content to disc, but only shown 2GB data, missing one big folder with another 2G data.

Finally I tried ISObuster, it did solve my problem. I can read those folds/files which I burned but could not see. I have my missing files back. Very happy.

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Guest Gabriel

I just had a 2 GB missing folder in a compilation. Wasted 2 DVD-R before I search the Internet for solutions. I was not aware of this bug before it happened to me.

It is not very good for a product reputation to be unreliable. Unreliable, that's the feeling I have now.

The disk looks like it is fully burnt, but Windows reports only 2.5 GB in use. I guess the missing folder is there somewhere.

The missing folder was renamed from its original source. UDF was used.

This is a serious bug, I am now thinking that my photos DVDs may miss some photos...

I hope that the developer will quickly fix what can be fixed, reliability comes before fancy things such as translations or UI.

I said that I hope, because I know that it is a free product and so that it is probably developed during the developer's free time.

At least, do not make UDF the default file system, and add a warning on using it, if UDF is the problematic file system.

That said, thank you for making CDBurnerXP for free, it is a nice product (if not the best !) that I used for several years on Windows.

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