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[C] Problem with write simulation in

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I discovered a problem in version of CdburnerXp. When I want to simulate the burning process the blank disc is physically burned. And in the next step is seen information about the disc is full and burn is inpossible. However the disc is written by the data from the project. Sorry for my English, but I came from Poland. I wish to solve the problem in the next versions.

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same problem with version 424.1322

the "simulate" option and "Disc At Once" made the data-disc DVD to be burned but unuseable

i'm working with XP sp3

stupid of me to made a test before writing ;-)

without the "simulate" option and a new DVD... the burning went fine

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Same problem with

I started burning with simulation enabled. I saw that everything was going OK so i canceled simulation burn. Now i have half written DVD DL. It didn't simulate, it wrote to the DVD.

Thank you,


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Guest mochikun

Bug still exists in Tried to simulate burning, but a dialog told me that the CD (Sony) is not able to support simulation. The dialog gave me the option to continue with real burning or to cancel. So I cancelled and tried a different CD (Maxell) . Same thing: No support for simulation. I cancelled again. I expected that both disc were untouched and still able to be burned. However both discs are now coasters: They spin forever in the tray and are not recognized by any program. CDburnerXP claims that no usable disc is present. What the hell does CDBurnerXP to the discs?

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