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burn iso error

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Guest ice

When i try to burn an ISO, i receive this error:

Error occured: (3) error occured writing data on disc

A NT disc I/O operation failed (1054)

Error sense data: SENSE KEY:FF ASC:0 ASCQ:57

what is?

the solution please?

help me!!!

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Guest kelstertx

I got that one too, except I didn't see the middle line containing NT. Rest of the error message looked like the same text, nearly verbatim. I'm running WinME, using a Mitsumi 48XGTE (54-32-54) on an Epox 4G4A motherboard. The CDRW is master on its own channel, and two hard drives are paired on the other IDE channel.

I tried to burn the Blag Linux 10000 version ISO, as well as the Yoper Linux for 686 ver 2.923 ISO. Both attempts gave me that error, after which the cancel didn't ever stop the elapsed time counter in CDBurnerXP and a reboot was needed to get the drive to open the drawer. I have a new firmware to put on, but the changelog didn't mention anything about fixing burn errors.

Both ISOs were known-good, as I used them with NTI CD Maker 5.1.29 with the Sony 32X drive that was in the system up until early this evening. With the new drive, I used the BurnCDCC program with them to verify HW functionality. (NTI doesn't support this new drive in my 2-major-versions-outta-date version of CD Maker, thus my wanderings off into new burning programs).


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