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[C] CDBXP fails to clear temp folder cache on exit

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After copying data from a "removable" device, the cached data is not cleared from the user's temp directory.


If I attempt to copy previously stored data from some USB device to a CD/DVD, CD Burner XP wants to cache the data on the local hard drive to speed the burning process. (Note: I can turn this off as an option - the ability to turn this off works.)

After CDBurnerXP caches the data, and the media has been written and verified, I either clear the session so that I can create a new - different - disk, or I close CDBurnerXP.

Once I clear the sesson, or close CDBurnerXP, CDBurnerXP does NOT remove any temp and/or cache files stored in the users temp directory.

Why is this a problem?

In some cases the reason a person moves data to CD/DVD media is to free up precious hard-drive space.

In my case, I had something like 3.5 gigs of H/D space, and about 13 gigs of data to work with. Result: I grabbed your app, and began moving data to DVD-RW disks to clear hard-drive (and thumb-drive) space I needed.

With about 3 gigs of space remaining on my hard drive, I copied (and cached) about 3 gigs of data from a thumb-drive to a DVD. Once the process finished, verified, and I cleared the session in anticipation of moving more data, Windows (XP) popps up a warning that my disk space is critically low. (less than 4 megs of hard drive space left) This was caused by CDB-XP failing to clear out the cached data files.


Turn off caching of "removable" media. This has the undesirable side-effect of slowing down the burn/verify process and does not allow files from more than one "removable" source (thumb-drive) to be burned to the same disk session at the same time.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. install CDB-XP

2. Go to "C:\Documents and Settings\%USER%\Local Settings\Temp" (%USER% = your user name. You may have to turn on "show hidden folders and files" and turn off "hide system folders and files")

3. Verify that the local temp directory is clear. Remove everything possible from that folder prior to proceeding, and note what is left.

4. Select a USB drive (thumb-drive / flash drive / etc.) containing a large amount of data.

5. Open CDB-XP and verify that "automatically cache data from removable media" is selected.

6. Write the contents of the USB drive to a burnable CD/DVD disk.

7. Once the burning (and verifying, if selected) is finished, eject the disk and clear the session.

8. Return to the temp directory above, ("C:\Documents and Settings\%USER%\Local Settings\Temp"), and look for CDB-XP cache data remaining.

Expected Result:

All cached data from the closed session noted above has been removed.

Actual Result:

Cached data from the closed session is still present.

9. Repeat steps 1-8, except at the end of the burning process, CLOSE the CDB-XP application.

Expected Result:

All cached data is removed as noted above.

Actual Result:

Cached data is NOT removed.


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Guest CraigT

I've noticed this too. I'm a keen photographer and use CDBXP to archive my raw images from memory cards onto DVD before working on them in Photoshop etc. It was only after looking in detail at clearing my critically full hard disk I realised that CDBXP has saved something over 12GB of old images over the 6 months since I started using the program! I'm not sure if I can safely remove these cached files - can anyone offer advice?

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