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multiple burners making duplicate copies of same project

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Are there plans to incorporate a way to burn the project to multiple burners at the same time? I often need to make 2 or more copies of the same project and it would be nice to setup cdburnerxp to burn to multiple burners at the same time.

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New OS'es are cracking down on the multiple instances of programs. I have not fully tested this one with them yet, but I will as soon as I have time.

To make a cheap burning tower you need only the burners, and fast enough hard drives. Your absolute best bet is to use usb3 or esata hard drives, partition them to different disc sizes, and use them to store images of your projects. Each drive should probably handle no more than two burns at once to keep speeds up.

The burning speed won't be extremely fast. It's best to set up an external or internal hard drive formatted as either raw or another readable for scratch\pagefile space (the maximum your system will support). If you have a fast spinning drive, in AHCI mode, it'll really help your system speed to be able to pull in data from it to use in ram etc. The preparations of the burn will take a few seconds longer at least, but it's worth it.

Now for the other part...

Try using multiple instances of the CDBurnerXP... This will now enable you to use multiple drives with, and this is the real kicker, different COPY COUNTS! Have a prime number or oddball number of burns to make? Sometimes we do. When you burn all the discs at a certain time of day, to send out to your different presentation people (like with my non-profit who show them off at different places, and leave a demo; then ask for more discs), you really need to set the time just right, create the projects and then let it fly. Should take an hour to get 20 discs with 2 burners going, and just over 45 minutes with 3 burners going. I'll admit, the number of burners doesn't increase speed by much, but if you set up fast enough HDD's for your system to read from, you shouldn't have a problem.

Personally, I buy some SATA 1 and Sata 2 drives, cheap ones that are low volume, but fast as a bullet with okay buffer size, then set up the 2's for AHCI and use ESATA on the 1's, and I use 2 images from the 2's, with one 2 set on esata in win7 used as my page file. I get 20discs in half hour sometimes, it really depends on quality of disc. Verbatim sometimes gets me 20 in 30min. Processor i3, ram 6gb, varied between 2 and 4 burners.

I use scripts to copy the images to different partitions on the hard disks, and I use scripts to clean them off, then run defrag on them all, along with chkdsk every month. It maintains the health of the system, and keeps speed up. If you want to go further, I'd use a RAID striped drive system to load up OS. Then use a second set of RAID stripe disks for all the images, and one data drive for page-file. I'd estimate you could get 1 disc every minute at max-burn speed. But I'd recommend using between 4x and 16x. Some of the others don't last long enough to get where they need to go. If We're talking whole discs, you get about 10 every hour with verbatim discs, but you'll lose one or two at least with other disc brands.

You've got some pro options here, but they require a PRO USER to get things moving. By saving multiple copies of your project file or just using a folder script to dupe it (look up some of these, you might find some freeware that allows you to set the dupe numbers). IF you are not willing to put in the time for your setup, or the time to open up the instances of this program and set them, then go buy nero.

Number of Burned discs comparison:

Nero or other pay software-->number of copies X the number of burners - badburns

CDBurnerXP-->Add number of copies for each instance - badburns

Besides the simpler math (and more effective),

there's one more attribute this software allows -->multiple media brands (different cd\dvd manufacturers for each burner if you wish; though I wouldn't go switching them between burns)

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