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found solution to windows 7 will not burn issue!

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Hello I found the solution to my no burn issue. With my new update to windows 7, I had decided to try the latest version Kapersky anti-virus (My regular anti-virus is Eset Nod32). I had remembered a similar software conflict with CDBXP with Trojan Hunter (burning did not start and windows explorer crashed under windows XP).

When I uninstalled Kapersky I found CDBXP worked great again! I am now using AVG free edition until Eset releases their new anti-virus for windows 7(Eset does not guarantee proper operation until windows 7 RTM is released later this year).

Thank you all for your time! Roger

In short, if you plan to use CDBXP be wary of Kapersky anti-virus or Trojan Hunter. Both programs usually work great except the above software conflict prevents normal use under this circumstance.

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I run ESET's NOD32 64-bit version on Windows 7 RC-1 and it works flawlessly. It even detected viruses when plugging in a friend's hard drive via USB to remove his viruses. The 32-bit version might be problematic on Windows 7. Just download and install the Vista 64-bit version of NOD32 installer from your member area and it will be fine.

As for CDBurnerXP, good to know it's working on Windows 7 RC-1. I'll download it now.

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Guest arun

i want some information abt dvd writer........how to write dvd which should also open in most dvd players???

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