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Would like to translate?

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I will put you on my list. We don't need a translator anymore for french (since Colok does great work :) ), but I think some translation-testers won't hurt.

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If you need any danish translators, just let me know - i'm ready ;)

My email is "beboo at salkin dot dk", just let me know :)

@ and . removed due to antispam ;)

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Guest Bluesky25

Hi !

I'd be glad to translate either CDBurnerXP or Help files (or both) into French.

Please let me know if you are interested : bluesky25 at online dot fr



PS: Sorry for my first post... I'm afraid I've put it in the wrong place...oups !

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Yes. Currently I am translating CDBXPP together with Colok into German and French for testing purposes. The next beta is scheduled for next week, but we don't know yet when the first beta/alpha will be avilable for all translators and donors, most likely in this month though.

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At first, congratulations to the authors for this excellent program!

I'd like to translate CDBurnerXP into Slovenian.

Please let me know if you are interested: pozdravljeni at yahoo dot com



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If you would like to translate either the helpfile or program, let us know here :)

I do like your program, very very useful, I would like to serve as a TRANSLATOR if you let me ofcourse.

I am very fluent in spanish, know basic FRENCH.

PS: How do I copy legal DVDs?...they are mine.

Thx a lot !!!


The Phenom!!!

Thank you much for letting THE UNDERTAKER be here.

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I would like to translate program interface and the Help File (the Help file will be second). I have a lot of work so it wont be soon completed but, at least I think so, there are no many Bulgarians that are using it, so it won't be a problem. I would like to try translate it.

If the Bulgarian translation is approved - my email is: neohidra@hotmail.com

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